rwillmsen (rwillmsen) wrote,

I'm not happy about the amount people are supposed/prepared to pay for language classes...

...and I've decided to do something about it. Maybe I should, however, merely be revising for my exams. 

(That's not ,me in the picture by the way. I think, by the looks of things, they might be Americans, the teachers that is, I mean I can't see any guns in the pictures, but then of course in China guns aren't allowed in the classroom, because, ahem, some of the Students Might Get Hurt, whereas in American schools they probably will be within a couple of years.) 

Incidentally, I would like just like to take this oppurtunity to be the second ever person in the world (here is the first) to question the use of the verb 'to port', as in 'to transfer your number from one 'operator' to another'.
Tags: language learnin', tefl/esl/teaching english

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